Monday, June 14, 2010

June 11, 2010

This has been a very good week. I even wore a belt for 2 days this week, and while my pain was increased slightly, I was not in such pain as to make me nauseated and pitiful. :-)

Of course, my usual triggers are stress and all of my stress is related to work. So, I' still get the pain at the base of my neck that starts to gradually increase until Noon. But I’ve had several days were I’ve not needed to take a second pain pill when I get home. That’s great. No one likes to take pain pills when they don’t have to.

Further, some of the other symptoms like IBS and sleeplessness have not been a problem this week, either. And, once I get out of bed, I can generally get my self awake with out the need to take a pill to help me wake up.

So… I intend on using this weekend to bounce my health to the next level. A good plan. I want to keep improving and get on a roll with this.


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  1. ANYDAY you are not in pain is a good day in my book.. or at least major pain. I do agree that once you get away from the job that causes so much stress you will be so much better. Keeping the good thoughts for you.. : D

  2. Howdy!!! Glad to see you... I'm thinking of putting my personal blog here on BlogSpot since y'all are over here...

    I just dunno... I feel completely schizophrenic!

  3. I know that the chronic pain has been a terrible burden for you that isn't helped at all by the work situation. I keep feeling there's going to be a breakthrough for you somehow. Blessings to you my friend.

  4. I think my work situation is about to change... had a great day today...

  5. Have you ever checked to see if you have any food allergies? I had an IgG Food allergy test done on myself and eliminating the foods I had an issue with helped lessen my pain to almost nothing... see my blog at
    Be Well!